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Name & Address Verified

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Climate · Contributors · Home Sales · Nonprofits · Street Detail
Name at Address Kimberlie Eike     Name Appended (DA10)
MIK (Melissa Identity Key) 10124755939
Birth Month-Year 06-1972      Age: 51
Address 1356 Zorn St
Wheatland WY 82201-3226
   Address Appended (DA00)
Property Information Owner: Show details
Email kimmyelue@yahoo.com     Email Appended (DA40)
MAK (Melissa Address Key) 7539332147      Personator Search by MAK
Lat. & Long. 42.049092 -104.959788 Geocoded to Rooftop Level (GS05)
Address Type Residential
Postal Carrier Route C001      (DPC: 56-3 )      Map
Census Entities County 56031 Platte      Map
County Subdivision 93630 Wheatland CCD     Map
Tract 9594.01      Map
Block 4022      Map      Block Parcels
City, Place or Town 5683040 Wheatland         Map
Unified School District 05090 Platte County School District 1         Map
State Upper District 006      Map
State Lower District 004      Map
Delivery Post Office Wheatland
852 Walnut St
Wheatland WY 82201
Last Name Ethnicity
2010 Census
White: 93.33%, Black: (S)%, Hispanic: 1.23%, Asian: 1.48%
Last Name Rank: 51,396
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1356 Zorn St Wheatland WY 82201-3226

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